cache etymology

French word cache comes from Late Latin captiāre, Late Latin recaptiāre, Late Latin recaptiare, Late Latin captio, Latin -to (Forms frequentative verbs from existing verbs.), Hebrew כשר (Fit, proper, legitimate. Kosher.)

Detailed word origin of cache

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
captiāre Late Latin (LL)
recaptiāre Late Latin (LL)
recaptiare Late Latin (LL)
captio Late Latin (LL)
-to Latin (lat) Forms frequentative verbs from existing verbs.
כשר Hebrew (heb) Fit, proper, legitimate. Kosher.
cogo Latin (lat) I collect, assemble, gather together, restrict or confine. I force, compel, urge, encourage.
coactus Latin (lat) Coercion. Compulsion.
*coactico Latin (lat)
*coacticare Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
chacier Old French (fro) To hunt, to go hunting.
*coacticāre Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
quachier Old French (fro) To hide.
cachier Old French (fro) (ambitransitive) to hide.
cacher Middle French (frm) To hide.
cacher French (fra) (reflexive, _, se cacher) to hide (oneself). (transitive) to hide.
cache French (fra) Cover, mask Hiding place.

Words with the same origin as cache

Descendants of captiāre
cachot caché catch catcheur chassable chasser pourchasser
Descendants of -to
adaptation adapter aide aider capter casque casse cesser citer consultant consulter dictateur dictature dicter enchanté hésiter incantation presser traiter traité tuer tuerie tueur