caillot etymology

French word caillot comes from French cailler, French -ot

Detailed word origin of caillot

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cailler French (fra) (slang, impersonal) To be very cold, to be brass monkeys. (slang, intransitive) To be very cold, to freeze. To curdle, clot.
-ot French (fra) A diminutive indicator for certain words, functioning similarly to the more common -et. Used for some names:.
caillot French (fra) Clot. Curd.

Words with the same origin as caillot

Descendants of cailler
Descendants of -ot
bachot bachotage ballot billot boulot bourricot bécot bécoter cabotage cachot cuistot culot dalot diablotin dico frérot hosto jeunot manchot pâlot ramollo resto rigolo vieillot