caldeira etymology

French word caldeira comes from Latin -arium, Latin caleo, and later Latin caldaria (Warm bath, cauldron.)

Detailed word origin of caldeira

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-arium Latin (lat) Used to form nouns denoting a "place where things are kept" from other nouns.
caleo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I am aroused, warmed or inflamed.. (figuratively) I am troubled or perplexed.. (figuratively) I am yet warm, new or fresh.. (figuratively, of a place) I am eagerly sought, I am frequented.. (figuratively, of abstract things) I am carried on warmly, I am urged on zealously.. I am warm or hot, glow.
calidus Latin (lat) (rare) having a white spot on the forehead. Fiery, fierce, vehement. Rash, eager, inconsiderate. Spirited, impassioned. Warm, hot.
caldarius Latin (lat) Of, pertaining to or suitable for warmth or bathing.. Supplied with hot water.. Used for hot water.
caldaria Latin (lat) Warm bath, cauldron.
caldeira Portuguese (por) (nautical) small inlet or bay. (vulcanology) caldera (large crater). Boiler (device for heating circulating water).
caldeira French (fra) Caldera.

Words with the same origin as caldeira

Descendants of -arium
acier alimentaire anniversaire calendrier commentaire cuisinier célibataire dos financier foyer grenier grossier guerrier héritier loyer merdier nécessaire ordinaire panier premier primaire prisonnier pêcher quartier sanctuaire
Descendants of caleo
caldarium calidité calorie chaland chalandage chaleur chaloir chaud chaudière chaudron chauffage chauffard chauffer chaufferette chauffoir câliner réchauf réchauffer