calendrier etymology

French word calendrier comes from Proto-Indo-European *kelh₁-, and later Latin calo (I call, announce solemnly, call out. A military servant.)

Detailed word origin of calendrier

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*kelh₁- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
calo Latin (lat) I call, announce solemnly, call out. A military servant.
calare Latin (lat)
kalendae Latin (lat) (Ancient Rome) the calends, the first day of the month.
calendarium Latin (lat) An account book, debt book.
kalendier Old French (fro)
calendrier French (fra) Calendar. Program, schedule.

Words with the same origin as calendrier

Descendants of *kelh₁-
Clara acclamation calamité calot clair clamer clarté concilier conseil déclamation déclamatoire déclarable déclarer exclamation haler haleur lamentable lamenter look proclamation relooking réclamation réconciliable éclairer