carrure etymology

French word carrure comes from French carrer (To square (a number).), French -ure (Used to form nouns describing the result of an action.)

Detailed word origin of carrure

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
carrer French (fra) To square (a number).
-ure French (fra) Used to form nouns describing the result of an action.
carrure French (fra) Build (physique of a human body). Calibre. Shoulders (of person, clothes).

Words with the same origin as carrure

Descendants of carrer
carrable carre
Descendants of -ure
allure blessure brochure brûlure candidature chaussure chevelure chlorure coupure cyanure doublure déchirure envergure fourrure friture gravure moisissure piqûre procédure raclure sciure tournure usure égratignure