cassation etymology

French word cassation comes from Latin cassus, Latin quatio, Late Latin cassare, Latin cado, Latin -to (Forms frequentative verbs from existing verbs.)

Detailed word origin of cassation

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
cassus Latin (lat) Hollow, empty, devoid of something. Lacking. Useless, fruitless, vain, futile.
quatio Latin (lat) I move, touch, excite, affect. I shake; agitate. I vex, harass. I wield, brandish.
cassare Late Latin (LL)
cado Latin (lat) (impersonal) It happens, occurs, befalls, comes to pass. I cease. I decay. I die. I fall.
-to Latin (lat) Forms frequentative verbs from existing verbs.
quasso Latin (lat) I shake repeatedly, I quake. I wave or flourish. I weaken.
cassō Late Latin (LL)
quasser Old French (fro) (chiefly, legal) to annul; to quash. To break (damage using force).
casser French (fra) To break. To break up (with somebody).
cassation French (fra) (legal) cassation.

Words with the same origin as cassation

Descendants of cassus
casque cassable cassage casse fracas
Descendants of quatio
concussion discutable discutailler discutant discuter percuter rediscuter secouer squash
Descendants of cado
accident accidentel cadavre caduc cas cas échéant cascade casser casuiste choir chu coïncider demi-cadence décider décision encas exciser faire cas occasion occident occidental récidiviste
Descendants of -to
adaptation adapter aide aider cache cachot capter cesser citer consultant consulter dictateur dictature dicter enchanté hésiter incantation presser traiter traité tuer tuerie tueur