chanter etymology

French word chanter comes from Latin canere, Proto-Indo-European *kan-, Latin -or, Proto-Indo-European *keh₂n-, Vulgar Latin *cantō, and later Proto-Italic *kanō (To sing.)

Detailed word origin of chanter

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
canere Latin (lat)
*kan- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
-or Latin (lat) Used to form a third-declension masculine abstract noun from a verb root or conceived root form.
*keh₂n- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*cantō Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
*kanō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) To sing.
cantus Latin (lat) Song, chant, singing, incantation.
cano Latin (lat) (intransitive) I chant.. (intransitive) I sing, make music.. (intransitive) I sound, play.. (intransitive, of a musical instrument) I sound, resound, play.. (intransitive, of owls) I hoot.. (transitive) I foretell, predict, prophesy.. (transitive) I sing, recite, play.. (transitive) I sound, play, blow (a trumpet), especially a military call.
chanter Old French (fro) To pray (to God). To retell, to recount. To sing.
chanter Middle French (frm) To sing.
chanter French (fra) To crow. To sing.

Words with the same origin as chanter

Descendants of canere
cantabile cantilène cantique chanson chant chantage chantefable chanteur enchanter incantation incanter
Descendants of *kan-
accent buccin buisine buse buser charme chenapan hanneton rossignol vaticiner
Descendants of -or
acheteur amoureux chasseur chauffeur coiffeur détecteur hauteur horreur inspecteur joueur longueur menteur mineur procureur profondeur serveur sénateur terreur tireur vainqueur vendeur voleur éditeur
Descendants of *keh₂n-
buccine cigogne gigogne lit gigogne poupée gigogne table gigogne
Descendants of *cantō
chantable chantonner