chape etymology

French word chape comes from Proto-Indo-European *kaput-, Late Latin cappa, and later Proto-Italic *kaput (Head.)

Detailed word origin of chape

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*kaput- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
cappa Late Latin (LL)
*kaput Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Head.
caput Latin (lat) (New Latin, anatomy) headlike protuberance on an organ or body part, usually bone, for instance caput ulnae. (New Latin, medicine) a disease; a severe swelling of the soft tissues of a newborn's scalp that develops as the baby travels through the birth canal. (figuratively) life. (figuratively) the vital part. (in writings) division, section, paragraph, chapter. (of a river) origin, source, [...]
capitulum Latin (lat) (Late Latin) A chapter, either:. A head-like object or structure.. A prominent section or formal division of a text.. Various civic and ecclesiastical councils or bodies, as cathedral chapters.
capitulare Latin (lat)
cappa Latin (lat) (Late Latin) cape, sleeveless coat.
chape Old French (fro) Cape (sleeveless garment).
chape French (fra) (archaic) cape, cloak. (manufacturing) clevis. (nautical) gin block. Cope, cappa (ceremonial cape). Tread (of tyre).

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Descendants of *kaput-
achever achèvement biceps caboche cadeau cadet cap capitaine capital capitule capoter capuchon catze chapiteau chapitre chef chef d'accusation chef d'entreprise chef-lieu chevet décapiter décapotable en chef précipice précipiter
Descendants of cappa
cape caper capuche chapeau