chapelle etymology

French word chapelle comes from Latin -ellum, Latin cappa ((Late Latin) cape, sleeveless coat.)

Detailed word origin of chapelle

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-ellum Latin (lat)
cappa Latin (lat) (Late Latin) cape, sleeveless coat.
cappella Late Latin (LL)
cappella Latin (lat) (Late Latin, Vulgar Latin, Medieval Latin) chapel. (Late Latin, Vulgar Latin, Medieval Latin) choir.
*cappella Latin (lat) Chapel.
chapele Old French (fro) Chapel (building).
chapelle Middle French (frm) Chapel (building).
chapelle French (fra) Chapel. Covering for the head.

Words with the same origin as chapelle

Descendants of -ellum
Descendants of cappa
chapeau chapelet chapelier escapade képi échapper