chauffer etymology

French word chauffer comes from Latin calere, Latin facere, and later Latin calefacio (I rouse or excite. I warm or heat.)

Detailed word origin of chauffer

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
calere Latin (lat)
facere Latin (lat)
calefacio Latin (lat) I rouse or excite. I warm or heat.
*calefare Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
chaufer Old French (fro) To heat; to heat up; to warm.
chauffer Middle French (frm)
chauffer French (fra) (slang) to tease, to entice sexually, to arouse. To heat, to warm, to warm up.

Words with the same origin as chauffer

Descendants of calere
chaland chalandage chaloir nonchalamment nonchalant
Descendants of facere
bénéfique défaite face facette facteur factice faction facture faire faiseur fait façade façon fétiche hacienda malfaiteur modification méfait parfait profit prolifique scientifique surface unifier vérifier