chaussure etymology

French word chaussure comes from French chausser, French -ure (Used to form nouns describing the result of an action.)

Detailed word origin of chaussure

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chausser French (fra) (reflexive, se chausser) to put on footwear. To mulch. To put footwear on someone. To shoe (a horse).
-ure French (fra) Used to form nouns describing the result of an action.
chaussure French (fra) Shoe. The shoe industry.

Words with the same origin as chaussure

Descendants of chausser
Descendants of -ure
allure blessure brochure brûlure candidature carrure chevelure chlorure coupure cyanure doublure déchirure envergure fourrure friture gravure moisissure piqûre procédure raclure sciure tournure usure égratignure