chercher etymology

French word chercher comes from Latin circus

Detailed word origin of chercher

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circus Latin (lat) A circular line or orbit; circle, ring. A racecourse or space where games are held, especially one that is round. The spectators in a circus; a circus.
circare Latin (lat)
circō Late Latin (LL)
circo Late Latin (LL)
circāre Late Latin (LL)
cercier Old French (fro)
cercher Middle French (frm)
chercher French (fra) (intransitive, followed by à) to look (to do something). (transitive) to look for, to seek. (transitive, slang) to mess with someone, ask for trouble.

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Descendants of circus
cerce cerceau cercle cerne circa circoncire circoncision circonférence circonscriptible circonscrire circonspect circonspection circonvenir circulaire circulation circulation alternée circuler circumnaviguer cirque court-circuit court-circuiter