chevrier etymology

French word chevrier comes from French -ier, Latin capra (A she-goat. The odor of armpits.), Italian -aio

Detailed word origin of chevrier

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-ier French (fra) Used to form the names of jobs. Used to form the names of ships. Used to form the names of trees bearing a particular type of fruit.
capra Latin (lat) A she-goat. The odor of armpits.
-aio Italian (ita) A suffix used to form agent nouns.. Used to form words, derived from nouns, meaning a place or (more rarely) an animal associated with the specified object.
capra Italian (ita) Goat (mammal). Nanny goat. Trestle.
chèvre French (fra) Goat cheese (US), goat's cheese (UK). She-goat.
caprarius Latin (lat) Goatherd.
chevrier French (fra) Goatherd.

Words with the same origin as chevrier

Descendants of -ier
banquier barbier brigadier cendrier cocher coursier coéquipier cuisinier dos dossier financier grossier guerrier jardinier justicier merdier olivier plombier prisonnier pêcher quartier routier sourcier tablier équipier
Descendants of capra
caprin chevreau chevrette chevrotain chevrotant chevroter chèvre