chiant etymology

French word chiant comes from Proto-Indo-European *kakka-, and later Latin caco ((vulgar) I defecate, shit, pass excrement.)

Detailed word origin of chiant

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*kakka- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
caco Latin (lat) (vulgar) I defecate, shit, pass excrement.
chyer Middle French (frm) (vulgar) to shit.
cacatus Latin (lat)
chier French (fra) (vulgar, slang) to shit, defecate.
chiant French (fra) (vulgar) fucking annoying. (vulgar) fucking boring.

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Descendants of *kakka-
caca caguer cher cherté chiasse chier chierie chieur chiotte chiure chié chiée chérir enchérir enchérisseur faire caca lerche renchérir