chienlit etymology

French word chienlit comes from French lit (Bed.), French en, French chie

Detailed word origin of chienlit

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lit French (fra) Bed.
en French (fra) (as a gerund, followed by a present participle) by, in (describing a way of getting something). (as a gerund, followed by a present participle) while. As. At (used to describe an ability). By (used to indicate means). In (as part of something). In (during the following time (used for months and years)). In (used to describe color). In (used to describe feelings). In (used to indicate space). [...]
chie French (fra)
chienlit French (fra) (archaic) pissabed, repugnant person. Havoc, chaos. Masquerade, carnival. Someone in a carnival mask.

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Descendants of en
croquembouche emmi remplacer remplaçant ès