citoyen etymology

French word citoyen comes from Latin civitas, and later Old French citet ((chiefly, 12th century).)

Detailed word origin of citoyen

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civitas Latin (lat) "The City". (Medieval) a borough: a walled settlement, sometimes particularly former Roman towns. (Medieval, Christianity) the community of believers: either the Church or Heaven. (by extension) the body politic, the state. (classical) the capital or center of Roman administration in each Celtic civitas (see above). (late Medieval) a city: a Biblical, major, or specially incorporated town, [...]
citet Old French (fro) (chiefly, 12th century).
citeain Old French (fro)
citoyen Middle French (frm) Citizen.
citoyen French (fra) Citizen (attributive). Civic Citizen.

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Descendants of civitas
capitole capitoul citadelle citadin cité mégacité précité écocité