comparer etymology

French word comparer comes from Latin cum (Although. Because. When With.), Latin par (Equal. Even (of a number). Like. Suitable.), English com- (The form of con- used before b, m, and p.), English par

Detailed word origin of comparer

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cum Latin (lat) Although. Because. When With.
par Latin (lat) Equal. Even (of a number). Like. Suitable.
com- English (eng) The form of con- used before b, m, and p.
par English (eng) Alternative form of parr (“young salmon”) (transitive, golf) To reach the hole in the allotted number of strokes. (UK) An amount which is taken as an average or mean.. (golf, countable) A hole in which a player achieves par.. (golf, mostly uncountable) The allotted number of strokes to reach the hole.. Equal value; equality of nominal and actual value; the value expressed on the face or in [...]
paro Latin (lat) I prepare, arrange. I provide, furnish. I resolve, purpose.
compar Latin (lat) Equal. Similar, comparable Fellow, partner, equal (person). Spouse.
comparo Latin (lat) I compare, match, place together, couple. I arrange, appoint, ordain, establish. I prepare something with zeal, care, make ready, set in order, furnish, provide. I procure, get, purchase, obtain, prepare, make, collect.
comparer French (fra) To compare.

Words with the same origin as comparer

Descendants of cum
commencer commun complètement comprendre compris compter conduire conduit connaissance connaître connu conseil contact contre convaincre copain costume coucher couché couple cour court cousin découvert quiconque
Descendants of par
empereur empire impair impératif impératoire impératrice impérial impérieux pair paire pairie sevrage sevrer sevré vitupérable vitupération vitupérer
Descendants of com-
accueil accueillir adoucir collec collecte collectivisme colliger combustibilité combustible combustion comparaison conjoncture cueillaison cueillette cueilleur cueillir embellir enhardir multicombustible obscurcir rougir