comporter etymology

French word comporter comes from Latin com-, Latin portare, Latin porto (I carry, bear. I convey, bring.)

Detailed word origin of comporter

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
com- Latin (lat)
portare Latin (lat)
porto Latin (lat) I carry, bear. I convey, bring.
comporto Latin (lat) I amass or collect. I carry, transport or convey.
comportare Latin (lat)
comporter French (fra) (reflexive) to behave, act. (transitive) to consist of, comprise. (transitive) to entail (formal, risk), involve. (transitive) to include.

Words with the same origin as comporter

Descendants of com-
accueil accueillir collègue combat combattre commander commencer commerce commissaire commission complet complexe complètement comprendre compter compétition comte construire copain correct coucher couché cousin prix précieux
Descendants of portare
colportage colporteur port portance porter porté disparu téléportation
Descendants of porto
Importunément apporter exportation importun omnisports opportun portable sport sport d'hiver sportif transporter