comprendre etymology

French word comprendre comes from Latin prehendo, Latin com-, Latin prendere

Detailed word origin of comprendre

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prehendo Latin (lat) (figuratively, rare, of the mind) I seize, apprehend, comprehend, grasp. (of trees) I take root. (poetic) I reach, arrive at, attain. (poetic) I take in, reach or embrace with the eye. I detain someone in order to speak with him, accost, lay or catch hold of. I lay hold of, seize, grasp, grab, snatch, take, catch. I take by surprise, catch in the act.
com- Latin (lat)
prendere Latin (lat)
comprehendo Latin (lat) (Late Latin, of medicines) I combine, unite.. (figuratively) I comprehend by sense of sight, perceive, observe, see.. (figuratively) I comprehend someone in affection, embrace with kindness, bind or put under obligation.. (figuratively) I comprehend something by the mind, understand, perceive, grasp, comprehend.. (figuratively) I include or comprehend in words, comprise in discourse, [...]
comprendre French (fra) To include. To understand.

Words with the same origin as comprendre

Descendants of prehendo
apprenable appris appréhender appréhension compris compréhensible compréhensif compréhension grand prix pren- prendre preneur pris prise prison prix prix fixe préhensile préhension repris réapprentisage répréhensible répréhension surpris
Descendants of com-
accueil accueillir collègue combat combattre commander commencer commerce commissaire commission complet complexe complètement compter compétition comte construire copain correct coucher couché cousin précieux
Descendants of prendere
dépendamment dépendant dépendre prenable surprise