compter etymology

French word compter comes from Latin puto, Latin com-, Latin com, and later Latin computo (I calculate, compute, reckon together.)

Detailed word origin of compter

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puto Latin (lat) (figuratively) I arrange, settle. (figuratively) I judge, suspect, suppose. (figuratively) I ponder, consider, think about. (figuratively) I value, esteem, deem, regard, consider. I clean, cleanse. I trim, prune, lop.
com- Latin (lat)
com Latin (lat)
computo Latin (lat) I calculate, compute, reckon together.
conter Old French (fro) To add up (count). To recount (tell a story). To tell; to say.
compter Middle French (frm) To recount; to tell.
compter French (fra) (ambitransitive) to count. (catenative) to intend. (transitive) to include. (transitive) to reckon, allow.

Words with the same origin as compter

Descendants of puto
compte computation computer comte comtesse conter dispute députer député imputation imputer racontable racontar raconter réputer supputation supputer vicomte
Descendants of com-
accueil accueillir collègue combat combattre commander commencer commerce commissaire commission complet complexe complètement comprendre compétition construire copain correct coucher couché cousin prix précieux
Descendants of com
arrière-cour basse-cour concorde cour cour d'honneur court courtisan courtois courtoisement courtoisie