concurrent etymology

French word concurrent comes from Old French corre ((of a horse) to gallop. To run. To travel in general.), Proto-Italic *korzō (To run.), Latin con

Detailed word origin of concurrent

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corre Old French (fro) (of a horse) to gallop. To run. To travel in general.
*korzō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) To run.
con Latin (lat)
currendus Latin (lat)
courre Old French (fro)
courre Middle French (frm) To run.
courir French (fra) To run.
concurrere Latin (lat)
concurrens Latin (lat)
concurrent French (fra) Competitive, in competition. Concurrent, simultaneous Competitor (person against whom one is competing).

Words with the same origin as concurrent

Descendants of corre
au courant concours couramment courant coureur courir courre
Descendants of *korzō
car carriole carrière carrosserie chair char charger chariot charrette charrue concourir cours décharger occurrence parcourir recours roche récurrent secouer secourir
Descendants of con
Martial accointer cognomen collabo collaborateur collaboratrice commerce déduction déduire inviter