confusion etymology

French word confusion comes from Latin fundo, Latin fundus, Old French confusio

Detailed word origin of confusion

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fundo Latin (lat) (military) I rout, scatter. (transitive) I extend, spread out. (transitive) I found, make by smelting. (transitive) I pour out, shed. (transitive) I utter. (transitive, figuratively) I moisten, wet.
fundus Latin (lat) An authority. Bottom. Farm; piece of land; estate. Foundation. Ground.
confusio Old French (fro)
confundo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I confound, confuse, jumble together, bring into disorder; disconcert, perplex.. (figuratively) I unite, join, combine, mingle.. I diffuse, suffuse, spread over.. I pour, mingle or mix together; stir up.
confusus Latin (lat)
confusionem Latin (lat)
confusion Old French (fro) Spread (act or instance of spreading).
confusion Middle French (frm) Confusion.
confusion French (fra) Confusion.

Words with the same origin as confusion

Descendants of fundo
balado confondre confus diffus effusion foison fondant fonderie fondeur fondre fondue fonte fuseau fuselage fuselé fusion fusée infusion transfusion
Descendants of fundus
arrière-fond effondrer foncier foncièrement fond fondamental fondateur fondation fondatrice fonder plafond plafonner profond tréfonds