consommer etymology

French word consommer comes from Latin com-, Latin summa

Detailed word origin of consommer

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com- Latin (lat)
summa Latin (lat) (Medieval) the quarter, an English unit of weight and volume equal to ¼ ton or tun or 8 bushels. (also, _, maths) sum, summary, total. The principal or main thing. Top, summit, highest point or place.
consummare Latin (lat)
consommer French (fra) To consume; to ingest.

Words with the same origin as consommer

Descendants of com-
accueil accueillir collègue combat combattre commander commencer commerce commissaire commission complet complexe complètement comprendre compter compétition comte construire copain correct coucher couché cousin prix précieux
Descendants of summa
consommateur consommation consommé sommation sommer