construire etymology

French word construire comes from Latin struo, Latin com-, Latin struere, Latin con

Detailed word origin of construire

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
struo Latin (lat) I compose, construct, build. I place, arrange. I ready, prepare.
com- Latin (lat)
struere Latin (lat)
con Latin (lat)
construo Latin (lat) (grammar) I connect, construct.. I construct, build, fabricate, erect.. I heap, bring, collect or gather together.
construir Old French (fro)
construire French (fra) To build.

Words with the same origin as construire

Descendants of struo
construction destroyer destruction détruire détruit instructeur instruction obstruer
Descendants of com-
accueil accueillir collègue combat combattre commander commencer commerce commissaire commission complet complexe complètement comprendre compter compétition comte copain correct coucher couché cousin prix précieux
Descendants of struere
structural structuralisme structuraliste structurant structuration structurer
Descendants of con
Martial accointer cognomen collabo collaborateur collaboratrice déduction déduire inviter