cornichon etymology

French word cornichon comes from French corne ((countable) horn. (uncountable) corn (callus).), French -iche, French -on

Detailed word origin of cornichon

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
corne French (fra) (countable) horn. (uncountable) corn (callus).
-iche French (fra) Forming colloquial nouns and adjectives, chiefly with hypocoristic effect.
-on French (fra) Forming diminutives of things, including some animals.. Indicating origin or occupation. (physics, and, biology) -on.
cornichon French (fra) Gherkin. Pickle.

Words with the same origin as cornichon

Descendants of -iche
barbiche bonniche potiche
Descendants of -on
bouillon bûcheron canon chaton chiffon cordon crayon feuilleton forgeron jeton maillon médaillon ourson paillasson peloton pognon poisson ponton raton rayon réveillon saucisson torchon tourbillon