couplet etymology

French word couplet comes from French -et (Suffix indicating diminution or affection.), French couple

Detailed word origin of couplet

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-et French (fra) Suffix indicating diminution or affection.
couple French (fra) (Canada) a couple of something, not to be mistaken as a few.. (animal husbandry) An accessory used to tightly attach two animals next to each other by the neck.. (mathematics) an ordered pair. (physics) a force couple; a pure moment. (regional) a pair of something.. Two partners in a romantic or sexual relationship.
couplet French (fra) (literature) couplet.

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Descendants of -et
beignet boulet brevet cabriolet cachet chapelet coquette cornet crochet croquet filet foret frisquet gigoter livret minet mollet navet papoter parquet pistolet poignet sachet tantinet