courtois etymology

French word courtois comes from Old French cort (Court (of a monarch).), French -ois, Latin cortensis

Detailed word origin of courtois

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
cort Old French (fro) Court (of a monarch).
-ois French (fra) Used to form adjectives related to a particular country, region or city, their associated inhabitant names, and the local language or dialect.
cortensis Latin (lat)
cortois Old French (fro) Noble, upper-class. Polite, well-mannered.
courtois French (fra) Courteous (polite). Courtly.

Words with the same origin as courtois

Descendants of cort
arrière-cour basse-cour cour cour d'honneur court courtoisement courtoisie
Descendants of -ois
Aostois Gatinois Lillois Sarthois Turinois Viennois Zurichois bangkokois bavarois chinois dakarois gallois gatinois génois marquisois méganticois putois pékinois québécois tonkinois tunisois valenciennois villageois