croquet etymology

French word croquet comes from French -et (Suffix indicating diminution or affection.), French croquer

Detailed word origin of croquet

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-et French (fra) Suffix indicating diminution or affection.
croquer French (fra) (colloquial) to waste, squander (money etc.). To crunch. To sketch, outline.
croquet French (fra) (sports) croquet. Croquette.

Words with the same origin as croquet

Descendants of -et
beignet boulet brevet cabriolet cachet chapelet coquette cornet couplet crochet filet foret frisquet gigoter livret minet mollet navet papoter parquet pistolet poignet sachet tantinet
Descendants of croquer
croque-madame croque-monsieur croque-mort croquette