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French word culotte comes from French cul

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cul French (fra) (France, slang) roach (butt of a marijuana cigarette). (anatomy, vulgar) butt, bum, ass, arse. (figuratively) the bottom, rear (of an object). (informal) sex; sexual intercourse. (informal, France) good luck or fortune. (vulgar) anus; arsehole; asshole.
culot French (fra) (colloquial) cheek, nerve (effrontery). (metallurgy) residue, slag. (metonymy) the last-come person, e.g. youngest child, worst loser in a competition. Architectural ornament, e.g. starting point of volutes. Base, bottom (of an object). Residue on a smoking pipe's bottom; its darkening by use is called culotter.
culotte French (fra) (a pair of) panties, knickers. (historical) breeches. Trousers, pants; shorts.

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faucuterie faux-cuterie sous-cutale trouduc