cuvette etymology

French word cuvette comes from French -ette, French cuve (Tank; vat.)

Detailed word origin of cuvette

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-ette French (fra)
cuve French (fra) Tank; vat.
cuvette French (fra) (geology) basin. (photography) dish. Basin, bowl; washbowl. Basin, washbasin (in bathroom). Pan (of toilet).

Words with the same origin as cuvette

Descendants of -ette
allumette boulette braguette branlette camionnette casquette cassette chaussette cigare cigarette couchette devinette fillette fourchette fourgonnette gâchette lunette mallette manchette mauviette oreillette roulette serviette sœurette
Descendants of cuve
cuvée première cuvée seconde cuvée troisième cuvée