dino etymology

French word dino comes from Ancient Greek δεινός, Ancient Greek σαῦρος, and later Italian dinosauro (Dinosaur.)

Detailed word origin of dino

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δεινός Ancient Greek (grc)
σαῦρος Ancient Greek (grc)
dinosaur English (eng) (figuratively, colloquial) A person or organisation that is very old, has very old-fashioned views, or is not willing to change and adapt.. (figuratively, colloquial) Anything no longer in common use or practice.. (proscribed) Any extinct reptile, not necessarily belonging to Dinosauria, that existed between about 230 million and 65 million years ago.. Any of the animals belonging to the [...]
dinosauro Italian (ita) Dinosaur.
dinosaure French (fra) Dinosaur.
dino French (fra) Dino.

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Descendants of δεινός
Descendants of σαῦρος
Sûreté assurable assurance assurer hareng saur saur sur surnaturel surtout survoler sûr sûreté