discret etymology

French word discret comes from Latin cerno, and later Latin discretus (Differentiated. Discrete. Separate.)

Detailed word origin of discret

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cerno Latin (lat) I decide. I distinguish, discern, see. I perceive. I separate, sift.
discerno Latin (lat) (figurative, based upon a thing's qualities) I distinguish between, discern.. (figuratively) I determine, settle.. (figuratively) I except, omit. I separate, set apart, divide, part.
discretus Latin (lat) Differentiated. Discrete. Separate.
discrētus Malayalam (mal)
discret Old French (fro) Different (not identical).
discret French (fra) (mathematics) discrete. Discreet.

Words with the same origin as discret

Descendants of cerno
certain certifier certitude concerner concerné craie crayon crime criminalité criminel discerner discrimination discrète discrètement discrétion décerner décret expression expresso exprimer exprès incriminer secret secrétaire