disturber etymology

French word disturber comes from Latin turbo, and later Old French destorber (To disrupt; to disturb.)

Detailed word origin of disturber

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turbo Latin (lat) tornado, whirlwind. Crowd I disturb, unsettle. I upset.
destorber Old French (fro) To disrupt; to disturb.
disturb English (eng) (obsolete) disturbance (intransitive) to have a negative emotional impact; to cause emotional distress or confusion.. (transitive) to confuse a quiet, constant state or a calm, continuous flow, in particular: thoughts, actions or liquids.. (transitive) to divert, redirect, or alter by disturbing.
disturber French (fra) (rare) to disturb.

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Descendants of turbo
masturbateur masturbation masturbatoire masturber perturbateur perturbation perturber troubler turbin turbiner