doubler etymology

French word doubler comes from Latin pleo (To fill, to fulfill.)

Detailed word origin of doubler

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
pleo Latin (lat) To fill, to fulfill.
duplus Latin (lat) Double (twice as much, or as big).
duplo Latin (lat) (Late Latin) I double.
dūplāre Late Latin (LL)
dobler Old French (fro) (ambitransitive) to double. (by extension) to increase dramatically.
doubler French (fra) (Belgium) to repeat a school year. To double, duplicate. To double-cross. To dub. To overtake, pass.

Words with the same origin as doubler

Descendants of pleo
accomplir accomplissement complet compliment complète complètement complément compléter complétion double doupion déplétion emplir implémenter incomplet quadrupler replet suppliant supplier suppléance suppléer supplément triple triplement