effraie etymology

French word effraie comes from Old French es- (Indicates movement away or separation.), Old French freer, Latin *exfrido ((Vulgar Latin) I terrify, frighten.), French effroi ((literary) terror, dread.)

Detailed word origin of effraie

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es- Old French (fro) Indicates movement away or separation.
freer Old French (fro)
*exfrido Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) I terrify, frighten.
effroi French (fra) (literary) terror, dread.
esfraer Old French (fro)
effreer Middle French (frm) (transitive) to scare.
effrayer Middle French (frm)
effrayer French (fra) To affray, to frighten, to scare.
effraie French (fra) Barn owl, owl of genus Tyto.

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Descendants of es-
effrayer orfraie squat squattériser é- ébaucher écrier égarer éplucher éprendre
Descendants of effroi