effrayer etymology

French word effrayer comes from Frankish *friþu, Latin evanescere, Latin *fridu, Old French freer, and later Old French es- (Indicates movement away or separation.)

Detailed word origin of effrayer

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*friþu Frankish (frk)
evanescere Latin (lat)
*fridu Latin (lat)
freer Old French (fro)
es- Old French (fro) Indicates movement away or separation.
*exfrido Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) I terrify, frighten.
esfraer Old French (fro)
effreer Middle French (frm) (transitive) to scare.
effrayer French (fra) To affray, to frighten, to scare.

Words with the same origin as effrayer

Descendants of *friþu
effraie orfraie