emporter etymology

French word emporter comes from French enrager, French porter

Detailed word origin of emporter

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enrager French (fra) (obsolete) to have rabies. To enrage, anger, infuriate. To inflame, arouse.
porter French (fra) Porter (beer) (of a subject, followed by the preposition sur) to be about, to concern. (reflexive, se porter) to feel. To carry. To support, to bear. To wear.
emporter French (fra) (reflexive, s'emporter) to get angry; to lose one's temper; to flare up. To take. To take away. To take away, to blow away, to carry away. To win.

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Descendants of porter
port portance porte-coton porte-crayon porte-monnaie portefeuille porteur téléportation