engager etymology

French word engager comes from Old French en- (En- (in; into). En- (intensifier).), Proto-Germanic *anda- (Against, opposing. Un-, de-.), Old French gage ((figuratively) payment. Wage (regular remuneration).), Proto-Germanic *an-, Proto-Germanic *wadjōną (To wager, to pledge.)

Detailed word origin of engager

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
en- Old French (fro) En- (in; into). En- (intensifier).
*anda- Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Against, opposing. Un-, de-.
gage Old French (fro) (figuratively) payment. Wage (regular remuneration).
*an- Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*wadjōną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To wager, to pledge.
*anwadjōn Frankish (frk)
engager Old French (fro)
engager French (fra) (military) to enlist. To encourage. To hire, sign, snap up. To involve. To pawn. To pledge, commit.

Words with the same origin as engager

Descendants of en-
alentour appauvrir embellir emboucher embouchure embûcher empirer encoder encombrant encombrer endommager engagement engagiste enrôler enseller intrication quantique
Descendants of *anda-
Descendants of *an-
Descendants of *wadjōną
gager gageure