entrailles etymology

French word entrailles comes from Latin inter (Between, among. During, while.)

Detailed word origin of entrailles

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
inter Latin (lat) Between, among. During, while.
interaneus Latin (lat)
intranea Latin (lat)
interanea Latin (lat)
intralia Late Latin (LL)
*intralia Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
entraille Old French (fro) (collectively) guts (innards of a person).
entrailles French (fra) (figuratively) bowels, depths. (literary) womb. Entrails, bowels, guts.

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Descendants of inter
Internet entraider entraver entraxe entre entrechoquer entreprendre entrepreneur entreprise entretenir entrouvrir exposer exposé intellect intelligemment intelligent intello intime intéressant intéresser intérêt invertir supposer suppôt