estimable etymology

French word estimable comes from French -able (-able.), French estimer

Detailed word origin of estimable

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-able French (fra) -able.
estimer French (fra) (transitive) to esteem, to hold in high regard. (transitive) to estimate, to calculate roughly. (transitive) to give some thought to, to consider.
estimable French (fra) Esteemed. Estimable, creditable.

Words with the same origin as estimable

Descendants of -able
adorable comptable considérable convenable croyable dirigeable effroyable gonflable imbattable impardonnable incroyablement inestimable irresponsable jetable minable négociable préférable redevable redoutable respectable responsabilité responsable valable épouvantable équitable
Descendants of estimer
estimateur estimation