extraire etymology

French word extraire comes from Latin traho, Latin evanescere, and later Old French estraire (To extract. To translate.)

Detailed word origin of extraire

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traho Latin (lat) (by extension) I attract the support of, win over.. (figuratively) I attract, draw (someone; their attention). I drag.. I draw out, prolong.. I extract, withdraw.. I plunder, squander.. I trail.
evanescere Latin (lat)
extraho Latin (lat) (transitive) I drag, pull or draw forth or out; extract, remove.. (transitive) I extricate, release; draw out, extract, eradicate,rescue. (transitive, of time) I draw out, protract, prolong, put off.
extraire French (fra) Extract (to draw out).
estraire Old French (fro) To extract. To translate.
*extragere Vulgar Latin (la-vul)

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Descendants of traho
abstraction abstrait attrayable attrayant contrat distraction extrait nombrer nombreux numéraire numérique numériquement numéro retrait soustraire tracer tract train traire traiter traité trayeuse traçage traîneau traîner