finir etymology

French word finir comes from Latin -esco (Forms verbs from adjectives meaning "become (adjective)".), Proto-Indo-European *dʰnh₂-

Detailed word origin of finir

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-esco Latin (lat) Forms verbs from adjectives meaning "become (adjective)".
*dʰnh₂- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
finis Latin (lat) (in the plural) boundaries; by extension, territory, region, lands. Death. End. Limit in duration, term (duration of a set length). Limit, border, boundary. Purpose.
finire Latin (lat)
*finesco Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) I finish.
finiss- Old French (fro)
finir French (fra) To finish, end, complete.

Words with the same origin as finir

Descendants of -esco
-iss- accomplir accomplissement amarescent amortir arborescent détumescence finance financier finissage finisseur tumescence verdir évanescent évanouir
Descendants of *dʰnh₂-
affin affinité afin définiss- enfin fin final finasserie finaud finement finesse finition hyperfin infini peaufinage peaufiner prendre fin superfin surfin ultrafin