flibuste etymology

French word flibuste comes from Dutch -er, Dutch vrij, Dutch buit (Spoil, booty.)

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-er Dutch (nld) Forms the comparative form of adjectives. Formings adjectives denoting something originating from a place.. Forms nouns denoting male inhabitants or residents of a place. Forms agent nouns from verbs.. Forms nouns for a person associated with something.
vrij Dutch (nld) Free; not imprisoned or enslaved.. Free; unconstrained.. Free; unobstructed, without blockages.. Free; without obligations. Fairly, rather, quite, very.
buit Dutch (nld) Spoil, booty.
vrijbuiter Dutch (nld) Freebooter.
flibustier French (fra) A filibuster, a pirate.
flibuste French (fra) Buccaneering, freebooting. Buccaneers, freebooters (collectively).

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Descendants of -er
filibustrière flibustier