formation etymology

French word formation comes from Middle French fourme (Form; shape.), Ancient Greek μόρφα, Ancient Greek μόρφη, Ancient Greek -μορφία

Detailed word origin of formation

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
fourme Middle French (frm) Form; shape.
μόρφα Ancient Greek (grc)
μόρφη Ancient Greek (grc)
-μορφία Ancient Greek (grc)
forme French (fra) Form. Shape (geometrical representation). Shape (physical appearance).
forma Latin (lat) A map. Appearance. Beauty. Shape; figure; form.
formo Latin (lat) I shape, form, fashion, format.
formationem Latin (lat)
formation French (fra) (military) formation. Education; training. Formation, forming, development.

Words with the same origin as formation

Descendants of fourme
caséine chasière formable formage formalité formateur forme formule fromage transformateur transformisme transformiste
Descendants of μόρφα
conformer formel transformer
Descendants of -μορφία
amorphe morphème transformation