gabar etymology

French word gabar comes from French garde, French barre

Detailed word origin of gabar

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garde French (fra) Handle (of a weapon). Protection (act of protecting) Watch, guard.
barre French (fra) (heraldiccharge) bend sinister. (nautical) helm, tiller. (typography) : the bar diacritics ⟨̵⟩, ⟨̶⟩, ⟨̷⟩, and ⟨̸⟩. (typography) : the fraction slash ⟨⁄⟩. (typography) : the pipe mark ⟨|⟩. (typography) : the slash mark ⟨/⟩. (typography, improper) : the backslash ⟨\⟩. Bar, cake, ingot.
gabar French (fra) Micronisus gabar, the gabar goshawk.

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Descendants of garde
Descendants of barre
bar laitier barycentre embarras restobar