gentil etymology

French word gentil comes from Latin gens, Latin -ilem

Detailed word origin of gentil

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gens Latin (lat) Roman clan, related by birth or marriage and sharing a common name. The chief gods. Tribe; people, family.
-ilem Latin (lat)
gentilis Latin (lat) A heathen, pagan (poetic) foreign, exotic. Of or belonging to the same family or gēns. Of or belonging to the same people or nation. Of slaves who bore the same name as their master.
gentil French (fra) Gentile. Pagan, heretic (idiomatic) all very well (c'est bien gentil tout ça, mais "that's all very well, but"). Attractive, pretty; also derogative, in the sense of superficial, esp. in the arts. Fairly large, nice, tidy. Helpful, kind. Pleasant, amiable, nice. Well behaved, good (especially but not only about children, in the sense of good boy/girl).

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Descendants of gens
Ovide gentillesse gentleman