gentillesse etymology

French word gentillesse comes from French gentil, French -esse

Detailed word origin of gentillesse

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gentil French (fra) Gentile. Pagan, heretic (idiomatic) all very well (c'est bien gentil tout ça, mais "that's all very well, but"). Attractive, pretty; also derogative, in the sense of superficial, esp. in the arts. Fairly large, nice, tidy. Helpful, kind. Pleasant, amiable, nice. Well behaved, good (especially but not only about children, in the sense of good boy/girl).
-esse French (fra) -ess (female form) Used to form nouns describing the condition of being something (-ness, -ity, etc.).
gentillesse French (fra) Kindness; niceness.

Words with the same origin as gentillesse

Descendants of gentil
Descendants of -esse
Suissesse allégresse bassesse comtesse déesse délicatesse gonzesse grossesse ivresse jeunesse justesse négresse poétesse princesse prêtresse richesse sagesse seigneuresse souplesse tendresse tigresse vieillesse vitesse ânesse