goulot etymology

French word goulot comes from Proto-Indo-European *gʷl̥-, and later Latin ira (Ire, anger, wrath.)

Detailed word origin of goulot

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*gʷl̥- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
ira Latin (lat) Ire, anger, wrath.
goule Old French (fro) Mouth.
gueulle Middle French (frm) (vulgar) mouth.
gueule French (fra) (informal) mouth. (informal) mug (person's face). Snout, face (of an animal).
goule French (fra) Ghoul (spirit; ghost).
goulot French (fra) Neck (of a bottle).

Words with the same origin as goulot

Descendants of *gʷl̥-
avarice club congeler congélateur cool dégel dégueu engloutir envie gel geler gelé gelée glace glacial glacier glacière glaçage global globe gueule gélatine jaune luxure verglas