grandiose etymology

French word grandiose comes from Italian grande, Proto-Indo-European *ghrewə-, and later Italian grandioso (Grandiose, magnificent.)

Detailed word origin of grandiose

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
grande Italian (ita) A great or influential person. An adult or grownup Grandee (height) tall. (importance) great. (length) long. (quantity) large. (size) big. (width) wide, broad.
*ghrewə- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
grandiorem Latin (lat)
grandioso Italian (ita) Grandiose, magnificent.
grandiose French (fra) Grandiose.

Words with the same origin as grandiose

Descendants of *ghrewə-
Grosjean engrosser grand grandement gros gros grain gros-grain grossement grossesse grossesse nerveuse grossier grossiste grossièrement grossièreté grossophobe