grossophobe etymology

French word grossophobe comes from French gros (Big, thick, fat. Coarse, rough.), French -phobe, French -o- (-o-.)

Detailed word origin of grossophobe

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
gros French (fra) Big, thick, fat. Coarse, rough.
-phobe French (fra)
-o- French (fra) -o-.
grossophobe French (fra) Fatphobic.

Words with the same origin as grossophobe

Descendants of gros
Descendants of -phobe
androphobe anglophobe arabophobe aérophobe europhobe francophobe judéophobe lipophobe lipophobie négrophobe xénophobe œnophobe
Descendants of -o-
cancérogène discographie filmographie labioplastie lymphographie soûlographie syphilographie urgentologue ventriculographie zincographie